Is “Blog” an Eye Disease or what?

Maybe I'm the only person on earth who wonders how blogging got such an ugly name. It's like something Lewis Carroll dreamed up for a nonsense poem but then had the good sense to cross out with such disgusted fury that his quill pen tore right through the paper.
Okay, so it's a truncation (yuk!) of "weblog" that started as a pun ("we ... blog") and then was put through the linguistic sausage machine to come out as two nouns ("blog" and "blogger") and a verb. I won't name names, but Wikipedia points the finger at Evan Williams of Pyra Labs. As a professional linguist who never managed to get any of my own new words accepted into the English language, I don't want to come across as envious, but... really, Evan.

The reluctant blogger begins blogging through the blog.