VR Games

Butterfly Dreams for Oculus Go
Title screenshot for my Oculus Go game, Butterfly Dreams

First I fell in love with game development using Unity Software. Then I bought an Oculus Go virtual reality headset and fell in love with that as well. I immediately began working on a VR game.

My goal was to create a relaxing and beautiful immersive environment that would be the antithesis of a first person shooter game. What I came up with was a natural environment where some of the plants play musical instruments, and together they play an ambient symphony.

Version 1.1 of this game required you to turn completely around and click the controller in order to play music. Version 1.2 is designed for relaxing on a sofa, looking side to side but not all around, and not depending on the controller for playing music. Your gaze alone is enough to summon the music from this natural setting.

My wife wants me to buy her an Oculus Go so she can play this game during her lunch hour at work, to unwind. I hope you enjoy it as much as she does.